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Rejection; it sucks

My life has always been go, go, go. Because whenever I stopped I was cradled in the grasp of debilitating depression. This is why whenever I am faced with rejection, no matter its impact, I immediately ignore it. I immediately postpone the sinking feeling in my stomach and do something-anything to distract myself. However distractions are short term. Eventually no matter how badly I may not want to, I have to face rejection. It doesn't matter if its an internship application I spent hours on or a guy I'm into friend zoning me, it hurts. Now let me introduce you to the other side of rejection; opportunity. I'm not talking about the opportunity to have a mental breakdown and dye your hair. The opportunity to grow from rejection and learn more about yourself, is ridiculously insightful. My average day is stagnant as far of personal development goes. I have my own beliefs and I stick to them, personal growth is hard so we often avoid it and take our regular route of thinking. When you are forced to evaluate yourself and the way you deal with things post rejection, you grow and you learn. So I have learned to pause from the go, go, go, and as cliche as it is, try to learn something about myself from the experience. Next time you get the gut wrenching feeling that rejection delivers, try to consider the upside--you're still you, and you're still here.

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