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A pleasure to have in class

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

The older I get the further I run from being a teacher's pet. I actually don't think there's anything wrong with teacher's pets. Being kind, in some cases REALLY kind, to your teachers with some intention of personal benefit. I honestly I get it. Students range from overdosing on adderall to cheating their way to the top of the class. So is being overly nice really that annoying even if it's not for the best reasons? Personally--don't really care. However the more teachers I have met that are genuinely not equipped to handle my own educational needs-not that they are necessarily bad teachers- the more I start to question what a pleasure I am to have in class. Pining after strong recommendations and preferred grades is just part of the high school ~experience~ But sophomore year was truly eye opening in teaching me the difference between teachers who deserve respect and teachers whom you build relationships with. I have a chronic illness which causes me to miss more school than the average student and I had a teacher interrogate me asking me "What do you have to be stressed about? Homework?" when I explained my late assignments-despite them being turned in by the absentee deadlines. I understand that teachers have a huge responsibility, especially at my school where the average teacher has120ish students. But seeing my peers cry over the possibility of a teacher not liking them or my own tear stained homework and wishing I was the favorite. Seeing this made me realize that being a pleasure to have in class is not make or break. It is a part of the human experience. Being taught by people cannot be perfect every time and it won't even be a good experience every time. Keeping this in mind taught me one of those things that you can only teach yourself. Respect everyone and only love those who deserve it. You don't have to be the star student in every class or the most important person to everyone you meet. The anxiety of attempting this is truly self destructive. You have the person you are to yourself, and those around you-teachers and people alike- will recognize that.

-not too happy with not being too happy,


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