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Am I going to hell?

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Most of my friends are religious-including my best friend of three years! So I often find myself pondering how their relationship with god ties in with their friendship with me. As a disclaimer I have no prejudice towards respectful religious people, in fact I grew up super religious *insert pic of me wearing headscarf here* However I am what they call a ~sinner~, pro-choice, not modest, I don't pray--well you get the idea. I'm not saying you have to believe these things in order to be religious but at the end of the day if you read the fine print I'm going down deep underground postmortem. So when I ask my friends, "Do you think I'm going to hell?" I hear "Ayesha don't say that! You're a good person, of course you're going to heaven." Of course. Well

wish I was kidding about my headscarf era

who am I to engage in an invasive conversation about their faith so I smile and shake it off. All this to bring awareness to something I had never thought about. I knew being my true authentic self would cause me to lose friends and get the occasional stare but I never thought it would make me feel insecure with the loves of my life. Everyone's relationship with god or lack thereof is different so let your friends who may not be the most conventional know that you guarantee your acceptance of them. Even if you think they don't need it, media portrayal of the relationship between religious and non religious peoples is scary. Be our saving grace and assure us that our friends, despite our differing beliefs, love us.

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