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community college admissions

Everyday that the clock ticks down to the end of the school year another gray hair is plucked from my scalp. Watching my senior friends send out grad party invites and celebrate their lasts of high school certainly doesn't help. In my time during high school I have been THROUGH IT. Amazing stuff, bad stuff, and the inbetweens. Here's what I've learned. Community college admissions cannot be your worst fear. But it is. It certainly is mine. Here is some insights that helped me scrape through the past two years. Stick around for my take at the end.

Nick Centari, College Senior: "If you can do high school sober then you can do college drunk"

Mike Douglas, College Sophomore: "High School means absolutely nothing just network that shit"

Camden Sern, High School Senior: "Being terrified in High School is never worth it. Ever."

Kennedy Hurks, High School Senior: "It's never that deep."

Ivan Mercado, College Freshman: "Find the people that care about shit."

Almas Malik, College Freshman: "Stay on top of your course work because no one is there to watch you"

Sophia Haller, High School Senior: "Find and keep the friends that have proven they're good friends"

Megan Goebel, High School Senior: "Make the most of every moment and be your truest you."

Jacob Fulton, High School Senior: "Embrace change."

Mikee Loyola, High School Senior: "The second you let your barriers down, you'll find it easy to have a good time."

Lina Itenberg, High School Senior: "Remember how far you've come."

Lauren Campbell, High School Senior: "Your own joy is the most important thing."

Cole Bendren, College Freshman: "college profs>>>high school teachers."

Justin Rodriguez, College Sophomore: "You're not stupid just because you don't get good grades. You're stupid because you care about your grades enough to cry over them. This is a personal call out to Ayesha"

High school sucks for everyone. Even the popular jocks or the seemingly perfect cheerleaders. Whether its public, private, online, this period of your life is destined to be wack. Find your bridesmaids and groomsmen and stop worrying about the bride or the groom. Having these four years in the grand scheme of your life is a little blip. When you're sixty looking back at who you were you aren't going to remember much. You won't remember your GPA or your ACT score. But you will remember your happiest and most joyful moments. You won't be remembered for taking 5 AP's or getting into OSU versus Sinclair. You will be remembered for being radical, funny, kind, smart, and being the most outrageously amazing spirit that you are. So let High School be what it will be. Don't let community college admissions be your worst fear.


not all views held by quoted students are held by me

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